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Plastic Paddy

Plastic Paddy ブリック・トップ・ブラッガース

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Sweet Mary Of The Bog
The Glen Will Rise Again
Katie Bar The Door
The Girls Of Tramore
Sons Of Molly
I’ll Meet You At The Bottom
Rebel Road
The Little Beggerman
Plastic Paddy
Now I'm Easy
No Man's Land (aka Green Fields of France)
Front Row Cowboy
Song of the Whale
The Aussie BBQ Song
Sining River
Lady from Bendigo
I Hate Wogs
Leaving Nancy (live)
And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda
Belle of Broughton.
Scraps of Paper
He's Nobody's Moggy Now
If Wishes Were Fishes
The Engima
Hard Hard Times
Do You Know Any Dylan (live)
Safe in the Harbor
Little Gomez
A Reason For it All
Glasgow Lullaby
My Yougest Son Came Home Today
When the Wind Blows
Silly Slang Song
Harry's Wife
What Kind of Man
Feed the Children
Blues for Alex
Leaving the Land
Something of Value
Rosie (live)
Peace Has Broken Out
Singing the Spirit Home
Katie and the Dreamtime Land
Welcome Home
Don't You Worry About That
Plastic Paddy
Somewhere in America
One Small Life
Short White Blues
The Gift of Years
Wouldn't be Dead for Quids
Small Miracles
Keeper of the Flame
Standing in the Light
The Digger's Legacy
Dedication Day
The Golden City
Troy's Song
Ekka's Silver Jubilee Song
Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo
The Blessing
One Small Star
The End of an Auld Song
Drunken Sailor
Sing Me A Song
Kicked In The Head
Pub With No Beer
Plastic Paddy
My Day Of Reckoning
The Devil & I
Struggle Town
Digging Gold
The Weight Of Words
On The Rocks
Kings Of One Eleven
The Ballad Of Ali Abbas
My Brother Sylveste
Weila Weila
Sound Of Singing
Leaving The Land
Silly Slang Song
A Reason For It All
Flying Finger Filler
Don't You Worry About That
Somewhere In America
Them Old Song Writing Blues
Feed The Children
Singing The Spirit Home
Leaving Nancy
Now I'm Easy
Plastic Paddy
No Mans Land
Never Again - Remember
Short White Blues
Welcome Home
Daniel Smiling
Eric And The Informers
The Gift Of Years
One Small Life
Plastic Paddy
Welcome Home
Flat Stony Broke Waltz
Don't You Worry About That
The Song
Big (In A Small Way)
At Risk
Never Again - Remember
Somewhere In America
Wouldn't Be Dead For Quids
Wishing Is Free
Plastic Paddy

Quitters Never Win
The Rising

Spancil Hill
The Burning of Bridget Cleary

The Battle of Stirling Bridge
Love By Attrition
Witness to My Own Wake
American Dream


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