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Top Secrets
Asi Es La Vida
Primera Noche De Amor
El Gran Varon
Cuando Fuiste Mujer
Junto a Ti
Nunca Se Acaba
Ooh Baby You Turn Me on Liv
Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On: Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On
Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On: Soul Finger
Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On: Cleo's Mood
Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On: Slippin' And Slidin'
Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On: Soul Serenade
Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On: Willie's Mood
Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On: Sunny
Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On: Pearl Time
Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On: Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On: Respect
Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On: Have You Ever Had The Blues
Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On: Toddlin'
Live At The Royal: 20-75
Live At The Royal: My Girl
Live At The Royal: Mustang Sally
Live At The Royal: Mercy Mercy Mercy
Live At The Royal: Smokie Part II
Live At The Royal: Late Date
Live At The Royal: Soul Serenade
Live At The Royal: Bum Daddy
Live At The Royal: Bootleg
Live At The Royal: Honky Tonk
Live At The Royal: I'll Be In Trouble
Live At The Royal: Pin Head
Vol. 1-Hot Island Hits
Island Stylin' - Kapena
Cry - Tropical Knights
Kuau Breeze - Lawai'a
My Ku'ulei
Hawaiian Homestead - Pacific Blu
Danny's Song - Kapena
Ku'u Nani - Kapena
Sweet and Slow - Tropical Knights
Crazy Without You - Lawai'a
Appleberry Hill
Willie Kalikimaka
Mele Kalikimaka
Christmas Island
What Child Is This? (Greensleeves)
Christmas Bells
Away in a Manger
Reggae Christmas
Silent Night
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Little Drummer Boy/Ring Your Christmas Bells
Unto Us Is Born a King
Merry Christmas
O Holy Night
Song of Christmas
Willie's Phone Pranks
Switchin' Babies
Hot Tamales
Dead Cow
Coat Pocket
Large Bus Rider
Gift Shopper
Rental Car
License Plates
Mailin' Goats
Visiting Choir
Ginseng-The Miracle Herb
Missing Watch
Reflection Intro
Say So
Move Somethin'
Shine (ft. K
Get Up (ft. Sheree Hinton)
Bottom Dollar
Blame Game
Wanna Roll (ft. Jazz Digga)
Honor You
We Don't Back Down (ft. Soul P.)
All For You
Help Me (ft. Jazz Digga)
God's Been Good
Prank Call Tapes: Customer Service Crackpots
Insurance Claim Check
I Wanna Cancel
Shoe Sale
You ARE The Trash
Rent A Car
Insurance Claim PART I
Insurence Claim PART II
Delrod Deliver da Mail
Save the Drama for Yo Momma
Cheap Ass
Respect For Your Customers
Rude Russian Banker
Red Neck Insurance Rep
Trashcan Lid Beating
Remove Credit Card Charges
Corrupt Phone Company
Nasty Freak
Willie's Psychic Line
Red Neck Repo Man
Gimme a Ride Dude
From Back in the Day-Best of L
Intro/At the Party - TK
Whore in Church - LaWanda Page
Why Men Get up at Night - Redd Foxx
Confucius - Redd Foxx
Seven Different Daddies/Pregnant Fools - LaWanda Page
It Ain't No Picnic - LaWanda Page
Refreshes Himself - TK
That Ain't My Finger - Mantan Moreland
Sex Maniac - Redd Foxx
Get a Load of That - LaWanda Page
Shoe Salesman - Redd Foxx
Famous Last Words - Redd Foxx
Caliber Bullet - Redd Foxx
Dining in Kentucky - Redd Foxx
Star in the East - LaWanda Page
Missionary and the Tribesman - Redd Foxx
I Want a Long Black Dick - LaWanda Page
Not Afraid to Touch Yourself - Crystal, TK
What's 6" Long and Has Two Nuts? - Redd Foxx
Roots/20"/Freedom - Willie
Six Feet in Bed - Livingood Pratt
Open Your Legs a Moment... - Crystal, TK
James Ear Ray/Richard Nixon - Willie
Sistas Will Kick a Nigga's Ass... - Willie
Grits Green - Willie
Niggas and Cops - Willie
O.J. Simpson - Willie
Climbing on Things - Willie
Earl Scheif/Child Pornography - Willie
Airplane Disasters - Willie
After 400 Years of America/Super Nigga/Legalizing Grass/Wagon Train - Willie
Dr. Gaines - LaWanda Page
Squeeze My Ass - Crystal, TK
Climax - Redd Foxx
Cash Money
Why Come?
Piece of It All
Let Me Pass
Rag Top Blues
City Dump
Good Deal (At the Time)
Cheap Help
Square Peg
Small Island
So Fine
Daily Driver
Catfish Stomp
Fadrian's Quest
Road Dog (18 and 2)
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