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John Mayall %26 The Bluesbreakers

John Mayall %26 The Bluesbreakers Jack Bruce

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I'm a Hoochie Coochie Man (live) 3:26
Early in the Morning 2:55
Night Time is the Right Time 4:18
Rockin' (live) 2:46With the Graham Bond Quartet: PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED ON CD
Doxy (live) 11:13With Duffy Power and the Graham Bond Quartet:
I Saw Her Standing There (original version) 2:32With the Graham Bond Organisation: PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED ON CD
Long Tall Shorty 2:22
Little Girl 3:23
High Heeled Sneakers 2:51
Strut Around 2:57
Wade in the Water 2:51
Train Time 2:24
Baby Make Love to Me 1:52
Spanish Blues 3:05
Baby Be Good to Me 2:35 *
Last Night 3:01 *
Hear Me Calling Your Name 2:37 *With John Mayall's Bluesbreakers:
They Call it Stormy Monday (live) 4:33Jack Bruce: PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED ON CD
I'm Getting Tired (of Drinking and Gambling) 2:35
Rootin' Tootin' 2:56
Spirit Feel 2:38
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 2:48With Eric Clapton and the Powerhouse:
I Want to Know 2:14
Crossroads 2:16With Cream:
I Feel Free (mono mix) 2:51
Spoonful (mono mix) 6:30
N.S.U. (mono mix) 2:53
We're Going Wrong 3:26
Dance the Night Away 3:34
Sunshine of Your Love 4:10
Traintime (live) 7:02
As You Said 4:20
White Room 4:58
Deserted Cities of the Heart 3:38
Politician (live) 5:08
Doing That Scrapyard Thing 3:34Jack Bruce:
Ageing Jack Bruce, Three, From Scotland, England 5:19 Recorded at IBC Studios, London in August 1968
Things We Like 3:37
Ministry of Bag (demo version) 3:43
Never Tell Your Mother She's Out of Tune 3:42
Boston Ball Game 1967 1:44
To Isengard 5:28
Rope Ladder to the Moon 2:54
Theme From an Imaginary Western 3:27
Weird of Hermiston 2:23
Tickets to Waterfalls 2:59
The Clearout 2:36With Tony Williams' Lifetime: PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED ON CD IN THE UK
To Whom it May Concern - Them 4:20
To Whom it May Concern - Us 2:55
One Word 3:45
Two Worlds 4:30Jack Bruce:
Can You Follow? 1:32
Escape to the Royal Wood (On Ice) 3:48
Folk Song 4:21
You Burned the Tables on Me 3:53
There's a Forest 1:44
Morning Story 4:58With West, Bruce and Laing:
Out into the Fields 4:41
Pollution Woman 4:27With West, Bruce and Laing: PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED ON CD IN THE UK
Scotch Krotch 3:17
Like a Plate 3:07
Powerhouse Sod (live) 10:39With Frank Zappa:
Apostrophé 5:50Jack Bruce:
Peaces of Mind 5:39
Keep it Down 3:46
One 4:57
Timeslip 6:33
Without a Word 5:45
Spirit (live) 10:44
How's Tricks?
Something to Live For
Childsong 3:29
The Best is Still to Come 4:14
Jet Set Jewel 5:25
She's Moving On 6:24With Rocket 88: PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED ON CD
Waiting for the Call (live) 10:16PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED ON CD IN THE UKJack Bruce and Friends:
Hit and Run 3:34
Living Without Ja 3:11
Dancing on Air 3:53
Bird Alone 6:52With Robin Trower and Bill Lordan:
Automatic Pilot 1:08
Green and Blue 5:10Jack Bruce:
Willpower 4:26
Ships in the Night 5:20
Waiting on a Word 3:54
No Surrender 4:25
A Question of Time 5:33
Kwela 5:21
Make Love 3:38
Obsession 3:55
Running Through Our Hands (live) 4:08
Life on Earth (live) 4:16With BBM:
Waiting in the Wings 3:40
City of Gold 3:55With Mark Nauseef & Miroslav Tadic: PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED ON CD IN THE UK
The Wind Cries Mary 5:43Jack Bruce (with Bernie Worrell):
David's Harp 3:50
The Boy 3:52
Time Repairs 3:32Jack Bruce:
52nd Street 3:59
Directions Home (for Tony Williams and Larry Young) 4:30
Surge 1:56
Heart Quake 5:29
Milonga 4:50
The Night That Once Was Mine 3:55
Progress 2:35
So They Invented Race 6:17


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