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The Gentleman Losers - Honey Is Sweeter Than Blood
Color Cassette - Pastoral Picture Show
Crisopa - O-P-Q-A
Helios - Carry With Us
Dub Tractor - Fall In Love Like This (reworked for nothings66)
Ozy - Night Shift 33C
Yagya - Finite Permutations
Ths Sight Below - Life's Fading Light
Fieldhead - Almost Everything There Is To Know
L'usine - Fog (Original Version By Funckarma)
September Collective - Out Of Intention
Mou, Lips! - ”I... the cassette... you”
einn kottur - ekkert
Ezekiel Honig - Removed Images And The Eventual Wall
dot i/o (a.k.a. mito from clammbon) - BUTON
Stafraenn Hakon - Son Of Meat
aMute - Drive
Sketches For Albinos - Bedroom Eyes
Sons Of Magdalene - Things Said When The Firmament Falls
Goldmund - Hope Avenue